For all parents:

This is perfect for you if:

  • you want to use your privilege to disrupt oppressive systems and teach your kids to do the same


  • You are committed to anti-oppressive work and anti-racism in your personal life but you don't know how to translate that into your home life


  • You wanted to parent in a way that gives your kid(s) freedom but it feels like a constant battle of the wills instead


  • you want to raise liberated kids

Am I the right guide for you?

It's an important question! I'm not for everyone. Let's see if we vibe, shall we?

I believe in:

-Radical self acceptance
(radical because not doing so is what oppressive systems count on)

-Decolonizing everything
(white supremacy delusion has ALL of us messed up)

-The human capacity to heal deeply (we are capable of profound and lasting change)

-Well-timed expletives (sometimes nothing else says it quite right)

-Laughter as medicine (I vouch for its legit healing powers )

-Healing as an individual responsibility that happens in community (There's only so much healing we can do alone)

Still not certain? Read the testimonial below for more insight into what I offer.

"Leatha...made it possible for me to tune into, and trust, my own instincts— an incredible gift.."


Leatha’s guidance has been invaluable to me, as a parent and as a human being. She is a deeply compassionate listener and a gifted communicator. Her ability to distill emotionally complex topics into digestible quantities is unique, and provides a foundation for healing at the deepest level. I feel like it would have taken years of therapy to come to some of the insights she was able to guide me toward in just a few sessions! Her sessions provides me with actionable insights and strategies that are immediately useful for my family— but perhaps even more importantly, they also get right to the heart of my own unhelpful patterning, allowing me to see our challenges with clarity. Stripping away those layers makes it possible for me to tune into, and trust, my own instincts— an incredible gift. I can’t recommend Leatha’s sessions highly enough. 

It's not just about what you post. It's about what you do, every day, at home and elsewhere.

Decolonizing your parenting isn't just about teaching your kids to love everyone. Decolonizing is about stripping away the toxicity of white supremacy delusion, patriarchy, and all oppressive systems - and creating a healing environment that enables families to truly be anti-oppressive in all that they do. In our 6 sessions we will cover:

1 - Let's explore how colonization has impacted YOU. Intersectional identities, hustle & grind, what's my conditioning, and more.

2 - Liberation - it starts with me. What do I value? Evolution of values

3 - Oppression - identify it within and without. AKA oppression Fs everyone up

4 - Creating an aligned mission as a family/FYI, it's not shape and mold

5 - Skillsets for liberation -holding space, self care, critical eye, and more

6 - Customized for your needs. Deep dive into what you need help with most


These are 6 LIVE 1:1 coaching sessions. Once you checkout, you will schedule them directly in Calendly. You can also opt to receive recordings of your coaching sessions for your personal use only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I purchase coaching more than once?

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