Why Holding Space?

In today's world, the skillset needed to effectively hold space is more necessary than ever. In fact, it's non-negotiable for those interested in healing themselves and creating further healing in their communities. It's a must for anyone engaging in anti-oppression work of any kind - that includes activists, co-conspirators, and parents!

This session goes into depth about:

  • What holding space is
  • What holding space is not
  • Why holding space can be so difficult to do - and how to overcome that
  • How holding space may have been (poorly) modeled for you
  • What effectively holding space looks like
  • How to develop the capacity to hold space effectively

The session is one hour and includes a printable mini guided workbook to support you.

Am I the right guide for you?

It's an important question! I'm not for everyone. Let's see if we vibe, shall we?

I believe in:

-Radical self acceptance
(radical because not doing so is what oppressive systems count on)

-Decolonizing everything
(white supremacy delusion has ALL of us messed up)

-The human capacity to heal deeply (we are capable of profound and lasting change)

-Well-timed expletives (sometimes nothing else says it quite right)

-Laughter as medicine (I vouch for its legit healing powers )

-Healing as an individual responsibility that happens in community (There's only so much healing we can do alone)

Still not certain? Read the testimonials below for more insight into what I offer.

"Her real life examples empower me with the words and tools I need"


"Going into this course I felt pretty good about my ability to hold space, but came out of the class realizing that holding space is a skill that needs to be sharpened, practiced and deepened continually throughout my life. The ability and capacity to hold space is vital for healthy connection and repair in every single relationship we have. It's vital if we are going to do the work of decolonizing ourselves and our relationships. Leatha has a way of teaching in just under an hour what some could write volumes about. Her real life examples empower me with the words and tools I need to immediately implement these skills into my relationships and the work I want to do in the world. This course should be required for all humans. I can imagine what the world would look like if everyone knew how to hold space, and it's beautiful. Thank you Leatha. I'll be revisiting the course over and over and over again. "