Am I the right guide for you?

It's an important question! I'm not for everyone. Let's see if we vibe, shall we?

I believe in:

-Radical self acceptance
(radical because not doing so is what oppressive systems count on)

-Decolonizing everything
(white supremacy delusion has ALL of us messed up)

-The human capacity to heal deeply (we are capable of profound and lasting change)

-Well-timed expletives (sometimes nothing else says it quite right)

-Laughter as medicine (I vouch for its legit healing powers )

-Healing as an individual responsibility that happens in community (There's only so much healing we can do alone)

Still not certain? Read the testimonial below for more insight into what I offer.


I attended Leatha’s workshop on sleep and rest, and it was exactly what I needed to hear. She delivered the information with so much grace and intelligence, relatability and empathy. She is an absolutely gifted teacher, and it was an honor to learn at her feet. I reflect on the training I received often, and I’m grateful for how it has improved my life.


Reclaiming Sleep & Rest

This mini course is perfect for anyone who struggles with their connection to sleep & rest. You will focus on reconnecting to your sleep and rest. It includes:

  • comprehensive overview of factors that lead to your conflicted relationship with it
  • consideration of ways in which sleep & rest have been modeled for you
  • practical tips to start improving your sleep and rest immediately
  • long term considerations and practices
  • insight into your own unique connection with sleep and rest and how to reclaim it


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