Why Burnout Workshops?

Burnout has been a long standing problem in workplaces and communities, and the results are catastrophic. When exhaustion is high, culture deteriorates. Physical and mental health suffers. Turnover is high, and productivity lags. We can do things differently!

My workshops give people the skills needed to assess and navigate their own levels of burnout, to appropriately communicate their needs, and most importantly to expand their capacity to care for themselves in simple and profound ways so that they can show up as their healthy, whole selves.

If your goal is simply to increase productivity, I am not the right fit for you. If your goal is to help your people (and yourself) experience more fulfillment and balance in life, then let's do this! Keep reading!

photo of Leatha, a woman of South Asian descent, with brown skin and short black curly hair, folding her arms and looking at the camera. She is wearing a black shirt and white skirt, and she is standing in a field.

Meet Leatha!

Hi! I’m Leatha, and I specialize in helping people go from overwhelmed and burned out to thriving and empowered.
My turning point was becoming a mother. As a working mom, I was all enthusiastic about motherhood and shaping little lives, until I realized I actually hated a lot of my life. 
I was miserable. Overwhelmed, constantly feeling exhausted, overworked, unable to cope…the list goes on. How was I supposed to teach these little humans how to thrive when I was barely surviving? 
For the next decade plus, I stumbled and clawed and hibernated and awkwardly loved myself through my healing journey. What I learned blew me away.
But it’s what I put into practice that radically transformed my life. And that is what I share - practical, transformative practices and invitations to reclaim your personal power and sovereignty.

If you're wondering if I can really help you & your colleagues/community, keep reading!

Am I the right guide for you?

It's an important question! I'm not for everyone. Let's see if we vibe, shall we?

I believe in:
-Radical self acceptance
(radical because not doing so is what oppressive systems count on)
-Decolonizing everything
(white supremacy delusion has ALL of us messed up)
-The human capacity to heal deeply (we are capable of profound and lasting change)
-Well-timed expletives (sometimes nothing else says it quite right)
-Laughter as medicine (I vouch for its legit healing powers )
-Healing as an individual responsibility that happens in community (There's only so much healing we can do alone)

Still not certain? Read the testimonials below for more insight into what I offer.

image of Leatha, speaking into a microphone, wearing a pink scarf

"I had personal “ah ha” moments in every session"


I was part of a beta cohort for Leatha’s in-person “From Burned Out to Empowered AF” course. Leatha’s has developed a deep capacity for holding space for other people, which was deeply felt each time we met. I would look forward to this class every single week!
Leatha brought a depth of compassion, clarity, and hard-won wisdom in a way that I have rarely experienced in a teacher. She moved through difficult topics and discussions with great presence, honesty, and ease. I had personal “ah ha” moments in every session that were profound and life-shifting and received insight for complex issues I was facing. 
Leatha’s ability to be boundaried and open, expert and human, well-researched and always learning was a lesson in itself. It was clear throughout the course that what she was teaching was not just an intellectual exercise but a deeply integrated part of her life. 
Leatha’s authentic presence alone creates a resonance I want to attune to as I continue to reclaim my own authenticity. 
I would highly recommend working with Leatha in any capacity. My life has been changed by her work!

"She always offered a safe space."


Leatha’s coaching sessions have been a great benefit to my mental health journey. I can remember at that point in time in my personal journey with my mental health that there were still so many things I didn’t understand about what I was struggling with. Living with anxiety and depression; I constantly needed something to grab my attention in a positive way and offer support. I found that and then some whenever I joined one of Leatha’s sessions! She is like a well of information and I was completely blown away by just how much she knew! She always offered a safe space for the participants to be open and share in group discussions about whatever topic we were involved with. I would look forward to every single Monday night session regardless of the topic because I knew I was going to learn something new. I highly recommend Leatha’s teachings to anyone. The only thing that I disliked was that she took a break; I greatly missed them. But she’s starting back up!

"Leatha...gave us do-able practices for the real world"


It's been an honor and privilege to have been able to attend Leatha's classes. She created a place in which we can gather in community and have open and honest discussions on a variety of topics concerning self love, and healing as well as boundaries, and parenting just to name a few. The solutions or thought-provoking ideas Leatha would challenge us with were all doable practices for the "real" world rather than "idealistic" situations, and for me it has been amazing to learn how to use essential oils and other modalities along with these new healing practices.

The lessons and practices I have learned and implement today in my own life are all thanks to Leatha and there is no way to adequately pay her for the vast knowledge I have gained from her classes!

"Her teachings are easily applicable to life"


I have had the great privilege of working with Leatha for over two years now. In her courses, Leatha led us all through deeply insightful and straightforward truths. These truths not only led to self understanding but her teachings are also easily applicable to life.

Leatha has the ability to boil things down to simple realizations and easy steps that awaken us to our own wisdom and truths in relationships. Most of us fight ourselves for years to understand that.

My time with Leatha is when I gained some major life awareness that allowed me to be honest with myself and change some of the fundamental aspects in my life that were making me unhappy, and to make room for what does bring me happiness!

I will be always grateful for the deep insights and simple answers Leatha imparted to me.

"It...sent me on a path to real, lasting change."


Leatha's sessions came into my life at the perfect time. I had a lot of changes happening in my life and they helped me spend focused time on myself setting my week up for success. The program helped me recognize elements of my life that needed attention, parts of my life that I had neglected for decades without even realizing.

I was able to reflect on the parts of the program that were relevant to my life in a safe non-judgmental environment. I was able to share what I felt and learned from hearing other participants' ideas and self-reflection. I was in the comfort of my own home where I could let myself feel whatever I needed at the time. I was also able to sit and quietly listen, which I did in the beginning as there was no pressure to do anything but listen until I was ready. When I was ready to talk the group welcomed my contribution with arms wide open.


"Leatha's openness..along with her kind heart..."

- Jackie

(<<<continued) Leatha's openness to help the group learn from her journey along with her kind heart made this the perfect group for me. I looked forward to learning something new each week. It was one of the first times in my life I truly set that time aside and did something specifically for me. It was life-changing and set me on a path to real lasting change. The kind of change with no pressure, no deadline, just continual growth, and recognition that I am worthy of self-love no matter what stage of my journey I am in. 

Learning that change is not instantaneous or linear but circular and that a bad day does not mean your not healing or doing well is something that helps me often. I have taken all of these lessons and am passing them on to my teenage daughter hoping it will help her as she learns who she is and her worth.

Leatha, thank you for helping me self-reflect and change my life for the better. Your sessions and the essential oils combined will forever be part of my life. I will use these as my foundation as I continue my life of continual growth and change.

Is this what you need in your life to stop feeling so stretched thin, so burned out, so exhausted?

It might be. I've had the honor of helping so many folks change their lives and it never gets old! Watch Staci recount how it's changed her life and see if this is right for you.

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